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Love’s a fucking bitch
Do I really need
Another habit like
you I really need
Do you need me 
too I believe
It’s gonna feel like new

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  08/01/14 at 11:23am

I want to hug someone. 

  08/01/14 at 10:56am
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  08/01/14 at 10:45am

"and" is a conjunction.
the words “you” and “i”
are completely different;
from its meaning, and
from what it signifies.
with “and”,
'you' and 'i' were joined together.
but it still classifies
two different entities.
i guess i’d rather have an us,

or maybe a we.

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  07/31/14 at 11:09am


There may be a time when I will come to be even more popular with him.

  07/31/14 at 10:44am

Here’s to me who feels vain whenever I’m on pop’s car.

  07/31/14 at 08:35am
  1. We want to understand and we want to be understood.
  2. There is a conflict within the struggle of both different bodies trying to understand things:
  • thinking that something is understood (the other body trying to understand)
  • thinking that you weren’t really understood (source/you/the one being understood)

    3.  No body can fully understand the other’s body.
  07/30/14 at 09:59pm

One day your ignorance will save me.

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  07/29/14 at 09:57am

The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate.

Who can know it?

Jeremiah 17:9
  07/29/14 at 09:49am

I allow stupidity in my life but not so much that it becomes a joke. 

  07/29/14 at 09:47am