Today at UP Diliman. I was actually trying to chase the sunset and later did I realize that just behind me is the rainbow. Oh well. :)

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I’m trying not to find the way back. I am trying to find out for myself if I could find the way back.

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The 1975 - Settle Down

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She always made mistakes. Stared at every man’s eyes trying to make certain the uncertain and for 11 years it all failed. Not until he showed up himself. The man she began to doubt had ever existed. The kid who knew her as the girl that nobody ever thought she was. The kid who is now a man. The kid she thought was a dream as she knew him by a name that sounds like dream. She asked a lot of mutual acquaintances before that might be familiar with him but nobody really remembered him. And no news in a thousand years made her thought that the kid must have gone to a foreign land, got so sick that he must already be dead, or maybe he is just another imaginary friend. Bad always become worse for a pessimistic person.

But there he stands, smiling. He had those long eyelashes, big ears, and curly hair - the same kind of face the kid she thought would have when he grows up, only in a healthier physique. She can’t believe her eyes. And then he began to talk and said…
"I am every man you thought I was but wasn’t. I am the truth of them all so let me make up to you all the false hopes and failures. I’ll show you who and how I am so, how would you like this summer?"

And she laughed. "Are you for reals?"

I guess I did not sound real enough but I guess I am real. There casts a shadow behind me, no? Need I more proofs?

He sounded a lot like the kid from years ago. But here goes how she got him retained in her mind. 

Tell me your name" she said.

And then he sang The Everly Brothers’ song All I Have To Do Is Dream but changed the first word of the song with his name. From that moment on she is back on track. Right again and correcting faults. The girl she was then that got lost.

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Everything is worth it. From staying up all night trying to make my brain become squeezable like sponge just to finish all the requirements for the second semester. I even got sick days later but everything paid off! The grades turned out to be more than I expected. I’m so happy. Ganito pala ang tikim ng pagsisikap. Maybe I should work on it some more for the next semesters. I just feel… blissful. Thanks a lot to my family and Jah! It couldn’t have worked right without them. :D

  April 07, 2014 at 10:50am

But then we forget to make a comparison about the weight of the love we have for the other and what the other has got for us. We simply feel happy that we accept love and and that we also return. I guess it does not really really matter when we get there. It will after some time and holding on will not refrain one from keeping up if the other is lacking. Love and be happy.

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Oooh Alex Turner. 

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