We are so hungry for the truth that we cannot properly see in an objective manner. 

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  07/25/14 at 12:14am

I want to become a lawyer.

  07/24/14 at 11:53pm

It is tiring trying to think of what ideal words there are that might come from you. For the better, all that must come out is something that you would really say.

  07/24/14 at 11:42pm

reality is ugly but let’s face it.

  07/24/14 at 11:33pm
Title: The Prettiest Thing Artist: Norah Jones 4 plays
  07/24/14 at 08:52pm

The people you can be worst with, and accepts you with your flaws and all, are the ones worth keeping.

  07/22/14 at 10:30am

And the honest lied.
Tell me what to do to know
The truth in the false.

  07/20/14 at 08:44pm

 I thought the song knew my story.

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  07/20/14 at 10:15am

Changed they say. But it’s only that they weren’t there when you were turning into something you are gonna be.

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  07/20/14 at 10:04am

I happened to see high school stuffs. :D 

  07/20/14 at 09:20am