Stephanie says that she wants to know
Why it is though she’s the door
She can’t be the room

The Velvet Underground
  08/19/14 at 12:09pm

Some answered questions 
should have stayed unanswered.

Truth is an option.
Denial is a preference. 
Masking is a process.
Pretending would be lying.
Protecting hurts in the ending.

  08/19/14 at 12:04pm

In this world there’s nothing else I’d rather do, I’m so happy just to dance with you

  08/19/14 at 11:13am

It takes a broken heart to be real careful, to consider things over and over again before any action - to make life become a little easier to bear.

Lessons from yesterday and broken youngsters.
  08/19/14 at 11:04am

And she said, “Happiness ain’t free
Everybody fights just like me
But I’ve given up the ability to retreat”

Ruby, Foster The People
  08/16/14 at 09:59am
#sketch  #falling  
  08/15/14 at 10:27am

at ease

when I don’t have to worry about what to say when i sit beside you.
when it’s alright for you, that you don’t worry, if i’m not talking.
when you know that it’s just fine if we stay together in silence.

  08/14/14 at 08:34am

Back in the room where I do origami.
Back in the room where I learn. :-)

  08/14/14 at 08:28am

I hate you but I love you
I just can’t take how beautiful you are.

  08/10/14 at 11:02am

You’re in my heart and I found a new place for the dead.

  08/07/14 at 11:49am